what to pack for 5 months in South America

What to pack for South America 

I know it may not seem like a lot of stuff in the photo, but compared to other blogs iv read on what to pack, I seem to have filled my bag with everything but the kitchen sink. Maybe its because I'm a pretty small person that I have managed to fit in nearly double of what I need, but It's always better to have to much, than too little. Because we will be travelling through the Hot season, Rainy season and even trying to fit in a bit of skiing in the snow, it was really hard to get the balance right but i think iv done ok, So heres my packing list.


Anything in red is an update after i travelled and all the useless crap i took with me which you can avoid.



Back pack and Day pack (Caribee Sky Master with wheels and backpack straps)

Packing Cubes x 5


Travel Lock x 2

Purse and Debit/Travel Cards





Lumix Digital Camera

Go Pro and accessories

iPod and head phones

Headphone splitter

Adapters x 2

Hard Drive

Shit Phone - never used it 

Portable Battery pack (so good for when on the go)

Mini Speakers



This is where my list just gets ridiculous because I have so many clothes !!!

Bikini x 3   - 1 will do

Down Jacket

Waterproof Jacket

Maxi Dress

Beach Dresses x 3  - 2 max

Other Dresses x 3  - again 1, 2 max

Jeans x 2  - could probably just do 1 but i like to have 1 black and 1 blue

Shirts x 3

Tanks Tops x 5  - 2 is fine

T shirts x 4

Cami Tops x 2   -didnt wear either and gave away to a girl in a hostel

Jumpers x 4     - threw one away and lost one, 2 suited me just fine in the end

Dungarees x 2 Long and x 1 Short (This is an item i don't think i can ever live my life without)

Sarong x 1

Shorts x 4    - stick to 2 pairs

Pants x 15

Bra x 2

Socks x 5







Sun Cream (P20, Factor 20 and lasts all day after one application)


Toothbrush and Toothpaste


Conditioner   - I learned life without conditioner aint so bad... or 2 in 1 is a good call

Body Wash

Moon Cup (Girls this will change your life, you need to invest)

Tad of make up 

Contraceptive Pill



Travel Towel

Inflatable Travel Pillow  - the best invention in all of the land

Money Belt   - never used this either

Pack of Cards


Point Book (my dad gave me this, its from the 70's and It's hilarious! But It's also great. It has pictures of everything so when you don't know the word you can just point to the object)

Notebook and Pens

Sunglasses x 4  -lost every pair :(

George (21 years old and i still carry a Teddy Bear round with me)

Torch and head lamp



First Aid Kit

Mozzy repellent   - I found local repellents are much more effective

Water purifying tablets   - add a drop of concentrated squash too take out the chemical taste

Diarrhoea tablets (no one likes the shits)

Anti bacterial Savlon

Paracetamol / Lemsip -these turned out to be super expensive abroad



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    Anna (Wednesday, 03 June 2015 08:58)

    That my friend is a ridiculous amount of clothing!! However, I love how George managed to make it in there xxx