Unintentional Colombian Millionaires

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Ever dreamed of being a millionaire? im pretty certain this is a thought that crosses everyone's mind at least once in their life. well it turns out the currency used through-out Colombia means its not so hard to get there.

When we touched down in Bogotá (Colombia's capital city) the first thing we did was to find an ATM machine. The numbers that appeared on the screen ranged from 10,000 - 90,000 COP. I don't no if it's because we're obnoxiously English or just generally retarded but to us this was completely alien. Having no idea what the exchange rate was, we took a random guess and selected 60,000 COP.  Out came a 50 and a 10 mil note so we figured that maybe it wasn't all that different from £'s and just had loads of 0's on the end. The 60,000 COP covered our taxi from the airport (which we later found we got ripped of for) dinner for me and Jord in an upmarket restaurant and we still had change left over. This was great! Already feeling like a millionaire I figured that Colombia would leave us with more money left over than we had budgeted. 

The next day we left the hotel to explore the city and be top tourists. After getting a cab to the opposite end of town we realised we would need more money for attractions and anything else we wanted to buy, so we walked in to the bank to take out more money. By now we were masters of Colombian currency! I'd even worked out how many COP was the equivalent to $1 and £1, and was gay enough to write down a conversion chart to carry round in my purse. Anyway the numbers came up on the screen. This is normally the point where I'd pull a confused face and spend 5 minutes trying to work it out... but no amount of 0's were going to confuse me this time. No, not today Colombia. I was in fact #1 when it came to this shit.

Clearly having balls as big as Pablo Escobar I pressed the 100,000 COP button and waited for a couple of notes to come through. Well, they started coming, and then they just didn't stop ! 50 after 50 flew out the machine, until finally the fucking thing spat my card back out. Counting the notes in the bank, the total reached 1,000,000 COP!!!. The average months wage in Colombia is between 550,000 and 600,000 COP. We had nearly double of that. BOLLOCKS! Not only did we have 10 times more than wanted but we now had to spend the day walking around with what had now become rest of the money for Colombia in our bag. As a ginger and a blonde it's hardly like we blend in with the Latino look, so even on a good day we still get pin pointed as an easy target. If that was our unlucky day the robbing bastard would of hit the jackpot, but luckily nothing happened. So now is the question to live like kings or to save it ?

Right after leaving the bank $$$
Right after leaving the bank $$$

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