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Valparaiso is a city that just cant be described by words

So instead....

Take a tour through a series of pictures

A city exploding with street art

Its literally everywhere !

And each Mural tells a different story

And to show respect for the artist and their work...

murals are left un-tagged


And only covered if the artist chooses to paint over it.

A city that thrived from gold in 19th centuary

Until the opening of the panama canal.

and all wealth abandoned Valparaiso.

This left local portanos in poverty

However 15 years later....

A city of depression

Became a city of colours

As the labrynthed Cerros lit up

And art boasted through every nook and cranny!

In fact Valpo is such a unique city...

That in 2003

Valparaiso was declared a UNESCO world heritage site

And I can totally see why

Who wouldn't want to walk the history of this city?

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