Road Trip - a day of useless preperation

41.1335° S, 71.3103° W

Ok things have got exciting and a little crazy. We have decided to hire a car and road trip the south of Argentina ! Mandi and Reanne went to check out Chiloe, whilst me and Jordan headed to Bariloche as we had a workaway there, and also to find a car for our new adventure. 

After hours of trapsing around Bariloche City centre and over 15 car rental prices to compare, we finally decided on Da'Car rental as they gave us the best car with the highest amount of mileage for the cheapest price. Our trip plan is to drive from Bariloche through the Andes and all the way down the most southern city in the world, Ushuaia. From here were going to head back up via the coastal road and return the car in Bariloche. But plans can always change. 
The girls had arrived in Bariloche so we headed for a pizza and beers whilst we discussed and finalised the plan. With only a few bits and bobs left to get, we figured that the next day all that was left to do was pay for the car, pick up the stuff we needed and then be on our way by mid day. We said our good nights and arranged to meet at 9AM the next morning.

Around came morning and we headed to the bank so we could pay for the car. However, this is where the start of a long day began. The first bank we went to wouldn't accept anyone's card, so we crossed the road to the next one. This however was shut, (although we knew we could get money out as we had used it the day before). The next one we tried had no money in, nor did the of after, or the one after that ! The one after that ate Jordan's card for 15 minutes, which shit us all up, so we left that one straight after getting it back. We couldn't figure it out why we couldn't get any money or why they wouldn't accept our cards, so went to speak to the car rental guy. He told us that it was normal for the banks to run out of money due to the recession and to try the banks on the other side of the town. After 4 hours of walking around trying to get cash out we still weren't any closer to leaving and also thought Rianne's card may have been hacked. Luckily, it turns out her mum just forgot to put the money on it.

We decided that tomorrow would be our departure day as everyone was exhausted and kinda pissed off with the whole money situation. As we wanted the following day to be a quick turn around, we thought if we sourced all the things we need, we could just go back in the morning to pay for them. However I got lost looking for the hardware shop, and it turned in to a big palaver of me trying to find the others, the others trying to find me, not finding each other and everyone just getting very stressed ! After a long day of getting absolutely nothing achieved, we decided to call it a day and went back to the hostel for one more nights sleep.

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Patagonia road trip day 8