Road Trip - Day 1

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Today is a new day and everyone is super pumped, because it's road trip day !!!. We went to the bank that we knew we could get money from, paid for the car and then headed to the shops for some extra supplies. As I mentioned before, me and jord didn't have any camping matts or a gas fire as we were just roughing it between hitch hikes, but considering this was going to be our home for the next 2 weeks and we would potentially be camping in the same temperatures as Antarctica, we figure this kind of stuff was going to be essential. We had checked out the camping shops but they were crazy expensive (it's like Argentina just put the prices on their stuff, so you don't buy their stock), so we found a local hardware store. I'm glad we found it because they literally had everything in there and sold them at normal human being prices. They also had second hand mats which they gave us to for almost nothing, and gave us a big discount of the total price. It was already past lunch time, but at least today we knew we would be on the road. All that was left to get was 2 weeks supply of camping food and with that, we packed up the boot and began our road trip down south.
ready to hit the road in Dusty
ready to hit the road in Dusty
As the evening drew closer we figured we should set up camp before it got dark. We found a spot by the river perfect for driving the car down and that wasn't close to the road. As we all got excited about our first night camping, there were 2 options of where we could put the tent up. Option 1: the easy option, the sensible option, where we already were. Or...option 2: a little further down, close to river....the more adventurous option. We decided to go with option 2 because well, because we're adventurous people of course and we're at the start of an adventurous road trip. And were in a 4x4 so what's the worse that can happen. 
Me and Jord jumped in the car and started driving it down the track. Just as we began to turn it around, the front wheels started spinning. 
"Ok it's fine, we just need to go slowly and.....they keep spinning. Shit, We were stuck in the mud" 
So much for the car being a 4x4. There was no way that the car was going forward so why don't we try and reverse it ? This was my next thought.
Nope, the car was pretty much at the point that if it went any further back it would fall off the edge and roll in to the river. Double Shit. What do we do! 
Jordan stayed in the car and me and the girls headed to the back to try and push it forward. Even with us pushing it and trying to use rocking momentum to get it forward it still wouldn't budge. The next step was to put the car mat under the wheel to try and get traction, but that just flew straight out and covered us in mud. Bollocks.
"Come on guys we can do this"
Our first night on the road and we were already facing loosing the car to a river. We grabbed a load of dry grass and pushed it under the wheels and then walked to the back of the car to push again. It still wasn't working, Fuck!
We ran back around and put a shit tone more of grass under and behind the wheels, and tried pushing again. AHHH PUSHH...Finally! The car only moved 2 cm further but at least now it wasn't on the edge of a cliff.
Some guys must of heard all the wheel spinning and noise we were making, because just after we finally moved the car they came down to give us a hand. The whole area we had chosen to camp in was basically a death call for cars. Even with their help it still took 4 more attempts and a load more wheel spinning until we got the car back to safe ground. Thank god for that! Note to self - from now we go for the sensible option and no more off-roading in our lookalike 4x4 that is defiantly not a 4x4.
After a stressful start and almost end to our trip we definitely all needed a glass of wine, so as we set up camp and got the fire going for dinner we opened up a carton. But that was soon finished, so was obviously followed by a 2nd..and a 3rd just because it went so well with our gourmet dinner of ravioli and tomato sauce. 

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Patagonia road trip day 1