Road Trip - Day 6

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Today is the day were going back to Chile! Ok Argentina, not that I'm not enjoying you, but there is something about Chile that just makes me happy. I loved it from the moment we arrived and to be honest, so far Arg, you've been pretty challenging to say the least.
The majority of the day was spent driving to the border of chile and counting Lamas. They're litterally everywhere, and they just have one of those faces that makes you laugh every time you look at them. As we knew we would be crossing the border, we figured that we should try and get rid of as much of the wacky baccy we had as possible. Let's face it, no one was up for 1.sticking it up their ass and 2.Getting caught with drugs on them. So the most obvious thing to do was to smoke it, but we had so much that by the time we had filled a pipe, rolled a joint and rolled a blunt, we still had shit loads left. So the next best thing to do was stash it. Unfortunately our route back to Bariloche meant we wouldn't be picking it up If your reading this and soon to be crossing the border between Chile and Argentina, then It may just be your lucky day. 
So the directions are as follows...On the Argentinian side, carrying on with Ruta 40 from Ea El Cerrito and you should come to the road for the first border crossing in to chile to Cerro Castillo and Torres del Paine National Park. Just before you take the road to the border, there is a Patagonia road sign. Stop here. Coming from the direction of Chile, it's after the Argentinian border crossing and just as you join back on to the main road, again stop at the Patagonia sign. There are a fair few rocks around it but on the far side there is a large white rock and under here lies around 1.5/2 grams of sweet sweet Mary Jane for your taking. Obvs if your coming from chile then it's a lot better, as you can carry your route on through Argentina with it, but if you want to do what we did and go through border control giggling your socks off then that's not such a bad idea either. Enjoy my friends, and make sure to let me no who managed to get it first.
From here we stopped off at the border shop in chile which has really cool stuff in (but was super expensive), and then drove to Puerto Natales to stock up before Torres del Paine. We didn't actually make it to Torres del Paine because by the time we had finished doing everything like changing money back to Chilean pesos, getting fuel and other bits and bobs (gas canisters are very cheap here) it was too late. We did however check in to a hostel for the night. Cheeky I know, but come on, we needed a shower at some point. The hostel was called hostel Nataly, and run by a crazy dude called willy. For only 8,000 CPS per night it included hot water, breakfast, wifi and the rooms are so warm and cosy. Needless to say we were all tucked up and asleep by 9 o'clock.

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Patagonia road trip day 6