Road Trip - Day 9

32.8231° N, 16.9934° W

Today is a new day. Were all wearing clean clothes, Mandi had her cyst drained and Dusty has finally had the clean she needed inside and out. The next destination is just shy of 10 hours away and we are ready to rock and roll...
 Isla Tierra Del Fuego was our next stop so we began our journey along Ruta 225. With not much scenery around and lunch time approaching we decided to pull up at the next town. The next town wasnt exactly what you would call bustling. In fact there wasnt a sole there as the whole place had been abandoned. However there was some interesting stuff to check out. Strewn across the beach lined with shells (and animal bones) were beautiful large shipwreks from the 19th centuary and behind it were the remains of the Estancia San Gregorio town. The others wernt keen to look but i was pretty curious what was inside so went for a snoop around. As I walked in to one of the buildings I had a really strange feeling come over me, all that was left in the rooms of this large building was a room full of sinks and a few more rooms with broken beds and cuboards. I was starting to get a little freaked out and deffinatly shit my self when I found a skeleton of a dead animal so ran back to the car. I later did some trusty googling and found the town is a 19th centuary relic from the wool empire. That would explain the bones!
As we carried on with our travels we boarded the ferry and finally stepped foot on the soutern tip of the world, Tierra DelFuego. The drive was long and again back to barron scenery, an occasional lama and of course the famous dust roads that swamped this side of the world. The roads down here are really bad an pretty behind the times. This began to frustrate everyone, because not only could we not see, breath or drive fast, it also meant we had no where to camp  as we would be compleatly exposed, so ended up sleeping in the car. I personally had a lovely nights sleep In the car and was pretty comfy and toasty all night. As was Mandi, but that's probably because we were laid out. Mandi was on the back seats and I was on top of the bags in the boot. Unfortunately for Reanne and Jordan, they were left squished up at the front with a sleeping bag to share between them.

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patagonia road trip day 9