South America Itinerary travel route - 5 months

South America Travel Route

_____ - Accomodation     _____ - Activities     _____ - Travel/ Place names    _____ - border crossing



Flight from London to Bogota, Colombia - TAP Portugal - £650 *inc. return from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil




Bogota                                                                                             Read my Bogota blog here

Bogota - 2 nights - holiday inn - 60,000 points

Bogota - 2 nights - couchsurfing - free


Bogota - Cartagena                                                                      Read my Cartagena blog here

Flight from Bogota to Cartagena - Avianca Airlines - 90,000 COP (£18)

Cartagena - 1 night - Peace and Love hostel - 20,000 COP 

Cartagena, Isla tierra del bomba - 2 nights - Beach Hostel - 75,000 COP *if your looking for paradise then this is your place (Their boat should pick you up from Punta Arena beach and take you over to the island, staff wear uniform so don't get on any other boat as the price for a gringo is through the roof !) 


Cartagena - Santa Marta                                                             Read my Santa Marta blog here

Bus from Cartagena terminal to Santa Marta - 25,000 COP - 4 hours

(Also possible to take a mini van from Crespo for 40,000 COP)

Santa Marta - 4 nights - Del Escritor hostel - free *we did some art work in exchange for accom. and breakfast 

Collectivo to Minca 7,000 COP - 1 hour (can also take a taxi direct for 80,000

Minca - 14 days - Mundo Nuevo - Workaway


Santa Marta/Cali - Quito, Ecuador (the easiest and cheapest I found)                       

Bus from Santa Marta terminal to Cali - Brasilia bus company - 24 hours - 150,000 COP *only bus to Cali, but very comfy

Bus from Cali to Ipiales (closest town to border) 40,000 COP *brasilia only operate on a Monday and our bus was not comfy

Ipiales - 1 night - hotel Metropoli (just down from the terminal) - 25,000 COP *cheapest hotel and after 32 hours on a bus we needed it!

Collectivo to border from Ipiales terminal (only way to get there) - 3,000 COP




*easiest and fastest border crossing ever, literally got the stamps and walked over the bridge  




Colombian border - Quito                                                                              Read my Quito blog here

Taxi from border to Tulcan terminal 

Bus from Tulcan to Quito - Valtax bus company - 12 hours - $12

Quito - 3 nights - vibes hostel - $32 *great location and good atmosphere


Quito - Baños                                                                                                    Read my Banos blog here

Bus from Quito terminal to Baños - San Fransisco company - 5 hours - $8

Baños - 2 nights - Santa Cruz hostel - $14 *another great hostel and good connection with tour company

Puenting – Geo Tours (similar to bungee jumping) - $20


Baños - Mompiche (from Quito go direct to Esmeraldes)

Bus from Baños bus terminal to Atacama - 12 hours - $15 (we caught the bus at like 9PM)

Ambulance from Atacama to Esmeraldes (only went this way as Jord had been bitten by a dog)

Bus from Esmeraldes terminal to Mompiche - $3.75 

Mompiche - 8 nights - Casa del Sirena - Workaway

Sunset horse ride - lady at the close end of the beach - $20 *she doesn't come with you so maybe experience is best, but a really cool thing to do)


Mompiche - Puerto Lopez                                                                             Read my Puerto Lopez blog here

                                                                                                                             Read my Isla De La Plata blog here

it's a pretty complicated route and identical whether your coming from the south or going there, make sure to ask the driver where your stop is

Hitchhiked to the end of the road/bus stop 

Bus to chumanga - $1

Bus from chumanga to Perdenales - $1.50

Bus from Perdenales to Puerto Viejo - $6

Bus from Puerto Viejo to Jipijapa - $2 - portovejnses bus company 

Bus from Jipijapa to Puerto Lopes - $2 

Puerto Lopes - 11 nights - Itipoa hostel - free *served breakfast and did some gardening in exchange from accom. and breakfast

PADI open water course - Native Diving - $250

Day tour - Isla de la plata - $40 *includes lunch, whale watching, snorkelling and an island tour

Puerto Lopes - 2 nights - fragata hostel - $14


Puerto Lopes - Guyaguill

Bus from Puerto Lopes to Guyaguill - $5 *buses don't run after 6PM on a Sunday 


Guyaguill - Mancora, Peru (crossing the border incl.)

Bus from Guyaguill to Mancora, Peru - $15 - C.I.F.A bus company *really good company, especially with border crossing



Another easy border crossing, just make sure you keep certain forms for when you leave Peru





Mancora                                                                                       Read my Mancora blog here

Mancora - 1 night - hostel Bako - S/.40 (hostel flooded, I recommend Loki hostel it's amazing and not too expensive)

Surfing - full day - rent on the beach front - S/.20 *inc board and wetsuit


Mancora - Lobitos

Bus from Mancora to Talara - S/.7.50

Options from Talara to Lobitos 1. Taxi - S/.40 (try share) 2. Mototaxi - S/.25   3. Collective S/.3 (but is a 5/10 minute walk from the bus terminal in Talara)

Lobitos - 2 nights - workaway


Lobitos - Lima

Collectivo from Lobitos to Talara - S/.3

Bus from Talara bus station to Lima - Challenger bus company - 18 hours - S/.90 


Lima - Huacachina 

Taxi from terminal 1  to other terminal in Lima - S/.8

Bus from Lima to Ica - Peru bus company - S/.50

Ica - 1 night - Hotel tourists - S/.30 *double room with bathroom 

Day tour - S/.30 *inc transport to and from Huacachina to Ica, sand buggy ride and sandboarding.


Huacachina - Cusco                                                                              Read my Cusco blog here

Bus from Ica to Nazca - Cetur bus company - S/.10

Bus from Nazca - Cusco - MOVIL bus company - S/.90 *best bus we have ever used, meals, blankets, drinks. Although journey can be very bumpy !

Cusco - 1 night - Hotel Chavin (just up from wild rover) - S/.30 for double room

Cusco - 13 nights - kiwi, Gigi and Olivia - workaway

2 day tour - Machu Picchu - Super tours - S/.310 *inc food, accom, site entrance, transport and tour guide, amazing tour company!


Cusco - Copacobana (crossing the border incl.)                                 

Bus from Cusco terminal to Copacobana, Bolivia - Peru travel bus company - 9 hours - S/.25

Cusco - puno  (if planning to see lake Titicaca from 1 side, I would prefer puno) *after immigration walk over border to kasani 



border crossing takes between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on amount of people and is probably the most relaxed borders ever. 


Border tax - Bs.2




Kasani - Copacobana (Lake Titicaca)                                                           Read my Lake Titicaca blog here

Boat to Isla del sol Bs.25

Isla del sol - 1 night - hostel A ki me quedo - Bs.15 *pretty but we had a shitty experience

Return boat to Copacobana - Bs.25


Copacobana - La Paz

Bus from Copacobana to La Paz - 3 hours - Bs.30 *busses leave at 1.30 and 3.00 pm

Tax over Lake Titicaca - Bs.2

La Paz - 5 nights - El Corretero - Bs.150 *a little cold, but had own private room


La Paz - Rurrenabaque (the Amazon) return journey                              Read my Amazon blog here       

Bus from Terminal Manaus (Fatima region) to Rurrenabaque - 18 hours - Bs.70 *depart everyday at 12.30pm

Rurrenabaque - 5 nights - ONCA - Workaway - Bs.300 *had to pay to cover food costs

Overnight tour - wild Eco tours - Ayahuasca - Bs.350 *NOT a good tour oporator!!

Bus from Rurrenabaque to La Paz - Bs.75 *buses go from 6.30 - 11 AM

La Paz - 2 nights - El Corretero - Bs.60


La Paz - Uyuni (Salt flats)                                                                               Read my Salar de Uyuni blog here

Bus from La Paz - Uyuni - 12 hours - Bs.80

Day tour - Salar de Uyuni - Brisa tours - Bs.150 *inc transport, salt flats, lunch, photo shoot and sunset on water guarantee)


Uyuni - San Pedro, Chile (without 3 day tour)

Bus from Uyuni to Calama- Cruz deal Norte bus company - Bs.100 *buses only leave at 4AM !

Uyuni to border crossing 



literally the longest border crossing ever, they go through all your bags and the rest of the coach. Approx time: 2.5 hours

Tip: they are very anal about seeds, fruits, food etc.





Border crossing to calama (same bus as from Uyuni) 

Bus from Calama to San Pedro - 3.00PM - IRIZAR bus company - 3,000 CPS *other company's leave at 1.30 and 6.00 pm

San Pedro - 1 night - camping (just by the Rio river and exit to Calama) - free 


San Pedro - Valparaiso - Hitchhiking route                                                           Read my Valparaiso blog here

Hitch 1: Walked to bridge on the road to Calama from camp spot

Dropped in Calama just before turning to Antofagasta

Hitch 2: South on the Ruta 5 to Antafogasta

Hitch 3: Antafogasta south on Ruta 5 to Santiago/Viña del mar turn off

Hitch 4: Viña deal mar turn off to Valparaiso 

Valparaiso - 7 nights - stayed with friend


Valparaiso - Santiago - Hitchhiking route

Micro from Sotomayor Plaza to Viña del mar

Micro from Viña to Placia (get of before turning off Ruta 68)

Hitch 1: Ruta 68 to Santiago (guy took us all the way through back on to the Ruta 5, South)


Santiago - Pichilemu - Hitchinking route                                                              Read my Pichilemu blog here

Hitch 1: South on the Ruta 5 - stopped at a random spot just of highway to camp 

Highway - 1 night - camping - free *try set up camp on hidden spot and 1 hour before dark

Hitch 2: Ruta 5, South until San Fernando turn off (we ended up having to hitch back up north for an hour)

Walk round following the bend until on direct road to pichilemu 

Hitch 3: San Fernando turn off to Pichilemu 

Hitch 4: San Fernando to Santa Cruz

Bus from Santa Cruz to Pichiliemu (can also get the bus straight from San Fernando turn off

Pichilemu - 10 nights - Surfarm  - Workaway


Pichiliemu - Corralco - hitchhiking route                                                                           Read my Corralco blog here

Bus from Pichilemu to Ruta 5 turn off - Nilahue bus company - 12.40PM or 5PM - 8,000 CPS

Walk on to Ruta 5 south past bridge over river for next hike

Ruta 5 - Camped by the river - 10 min. walk from highway

Hitch 1: from camping spot on Ruta 5 to chillan

Hitch 2: chillan to just past conception 

Ruta 5 - camped in a forest just of highway

Bus from camp spot on Ruta 5 to Temuco - Pullman bus company - 5,000 CPS

Hitch 3: from bus terminal to Malalcahuello from a lorry

Malalcahuello - 3 nights - Jorge cabañas - 66,000 CPS

Skiing - full day lift ticket - 25,000 CPS - buy on the mountain

Skiing - ski and boot rental - 18,000 CPS - buy on the mountain


Corralco – Pucon – hitchhiking route                                                                               Read my Pucon blog here

Hith 1: Guy took us all the way even though he lives in Temuco

Pucon - 5 nights - La Bicicletta - 77,000 CPS

White water rafting – 18,000 CPS – booked through La bicicletta

Ojos de cabruga – 1,000 CPS


Pucon - Puerto Varas

Bus from Pucon to Puerto Varas - Pullman bus company - 4 hours 3 min - 9,300 CPS

Puerto Varas - 2 nights - hostel Vermont - 20,000 CPS *icl. breakfast, very nice hostel


Puerto Varas - Puerto Montt

Local bus from Puerto Varas to Puerto Montt - 0,800 CPS


Puerto Montt - Bariloche

Bus from Puerto Montt to Bariloche - 18,000



Border crossing 1 hour 30 mins 

They pull out peoples bags at random to search them





Bariloche                                                                                                       Read what happened to me in Bariloche here

Bariloche - 2 nights - Travellers hostel - workaway

Bariloche - 4 nights - moving hostel - workaway

2 week Car rental - 11,700 ARS + 400 ARS (transfer over to Chile) 


Patagonia road trip route - Bariloche to Ushuaia return                                       Road trip prep blog


Bariloche – Camp 1                                                                                                         Road Trip Day 1

Left Bariloche via Ruta 40

Camped an hour outside Bariloche


Camp 1 – Camp 2                                                                                                             Road Trip Day 2

Ruta 40 through El Bolson (drove to picture point)

National park Lago Puelo (free)

Continued on ruta 40

Came off Ruta 40 and drove through National Park Los Alerces (free)

Camped just after Esquel on Ruta 40


Camp 2 – Cueva de las Manos/ Camp 4                                                                    Road Trip Day 3

Changed from Ruta 40 to Ruta 26 to Rio Mayo

Back on to Ruta 40 

Took turning and dirt road to Cueva de las Manos 

National Park Cueva de las Manos - $120 ARS

Set up camp when back on main road


Camp 4 – Camp 5                                                                                                          Road Trip Day 4

Ruta 40 to Tres Lagos (worst day in my life EVER) ** CHECK WEATHER WANRING FOR THIS SECTION OF ROAD

Camped after Tres Lagos


Camp 5 – Camp 6                                                                                                          Road Trip Day 5

Ruta 40 to El Calafate

National Park Los Glaciers - $260 ARS - $30 for students

Camped just before getting back on to Ruta 40



Argentina to Chile border (make sure to get out at both ends and get stamps)


Camp 6 – Torres Del Paine                                                                                             Road Trip Day 6     

Puerto Natales - backpackers Natalie - 1 night - 8,000 CPS 

Torres del Paine National Park 3 day pass - 18,000 CPS                                          Road Trip Day 7

Camping in Torres Del Paine - 8,000 CPS                                                                   Road Trip day 8

Puerto Natales - Backpackers Natalie - 1 night - 8,000 CPS


Torres Del Paine - Ushuia 

Ruta 9 to Ushuaia                                                                                                             Road Trip day 9

Changed from Ruta 9 to Ruta 225 for the ferry

Ferry to Tierra Del Fuego - 15,000 per car




Border crossing on Tierra del Fuego in to Argentina


Ruta 225 to Ushuaia                                                                                                         Road Trip Day 10

                                                                                                                                              Road Trip day 11

Ushuia - 2 nights - camping - Rio Olivia *Amazing free site just outside of Ushuaia, Revenent was also filmed here


Ushuia - Bariloche 

Return via coast to bariloche - 3 days 




Bariloche – Rio De Janiero

Hitch 1: Bariloche – Buenos Aires – found a truck driver going all the way

Bus from Buenos Aires to Rio De Janiero – Brasilla bus company – 5* service – 48 hours


Rio De Janiero – 4 nights – che lagarto Copacobana - $R400

Christo Redinetor - R$70 *if you buy your ticket from the market place just past the Copacabana Palace, you get a free mini bus up and beat the queues for the same price.

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South America Travel Route