8 ways to save money travelling New Zealand

Relocate a camper van

This idea is pure genius. Rental companies need their camper vans and cars relocating around NZ for their new customers and offer this at crazy cheap deals to normal humans like me and you. Most Vehicles are around $1 a day, some are even FREE and include perks like insurance, Petrol or ferry crossing fees (dpuble check as this can be expensive if not included). The down side is there is a cap on the time limit, however it’s still a super cheap option to get from A to B with a short trip along the way. Check out Transfercar for all the options from different companies


Buy a camper then sell it

Really? Buy a car?

Ermmm Yeah, New Zealand is full of backpackers and has a constant market for campers. Renting a camper can be pretty pricey in NZ, so why not spend the same money on buying one but with a chance of making some of it back (Also insurance isn’t a legal requirement over here!) Ok I admit if you’re travelling for 2 weeks this probably isn’t worth the hassle, although I only travelled NZ for 2 months, and I actually ended up making $1600 when it came to selling my beloved Toyota Estima. Best places to sell are Auckland and Christchurch as this is where new travellers fly in to, stick it on Trademe or a facebook group 2-3 weeks before departure then set a side 5/6 days for viewings and for someone to buy it. Anyway, worst comes to worst you sell it to a car dealer and get minimum cash back.


Use the petrol discounts from supermarket receipts and get a petrol card

Ok this little trick defiantly saved me a good few hundys. Basically with most of your shopping receipts you will also get another receipt with a fuel discount on it. Scan the ticket before you fill up and it will automatically discount you the price per litre, or hand it in once you go to pay at the cashier. Make sure to read the receipt carefully as some specify which petrol stations or company you can use it with. Petrol cards are really only for BP garages but every little helps!


Travel with Manbus/Nakedbus

Both these companies are actually the same company, hmmm weird. Anyway they are a great way of travelling between major cities and often have seats on sale for just $1. $1 are you crazy! Ok, ok, you do have to book in advance for this deal but even booking a few days ahead can still get you a decent priced fare.


Use discount cards from Supermarkets

New World and Countdown offer discount cards that can make a huge difference to your food shop. If you are hanging around for a while and have an address you can have one delivered but they also do tourist cards so people travelling don’t have to give out all their details. Once you have registered your name is in the system so if you do forget or lose your card they can just look up your name.



What is life without this app?! If you haven’t downloaded it then do it. NOW! Campermate is great for those of you who are road tripping and looking for toilets, wifi, cheap petrol and free places to park up for the night. Freedom camping in undesignated spots will probably result in a $200 fine, Ouch. But apart from that it also has everything else you need to find, on it. Even if you’re not in a van I would recommend getting the free app and using the ‘things to do’ section to help you find cheap and free activites and local knowledge around the area that your guide book probably doesn’t have.


Book activities through Bookme.co.nz

Anything that consists of a tour, cruise or entrance fee can probably be found at a largely discounted price on Bookme. Normally the best discounts are a few days away from the date you book them on, so if you know your plan or want to plan in advance this could end up saving you heaps along your travels. The activities are split in to regions making it even easier to find what you’re looking for and some even offer dining deals.


Use Flipit.com for Cook Strait Ferry crossing discount


Crossing the Cook Straight can be a big hole in your pocket, especially if you are travelling by car. To be fair it is a 4 hour journey that normally has a cinema and stuff on board, but spending up to $300 to get to the other side is a killer. Luckily Flipit.com always has some great discounts for the ferry companies that take you over, there offers change all the time but they normally offer betwenn 20%-40% discount.

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how to save money travelling New Zealand