multi-day Ski touring packing list

Packing for a multi-day Ski tour can be really hard, especially if you are embracing natures true force of the elements and camping or even snow caving. Even though there is so much you want to bring with you that you think is essential, at the end of the day, it all comes down to weight that YOU will be carrying for the duration of the trip. If it won’t save your life, DON’T pack it!


There are 2 ways in which you can do food for your trip

1.       Eating purely dry foods (nut bars, sandwiches, dried fruit, peanut butter) This of course is the lighter option and perfect for day tours but, personally I need something more substantial when doing overnight tours.

2.      Bring gas and a stove to make hot meals, coffee and also melt snow for water.

The latter is the option I always go for. Things get cold out in the mountains during night, so its always nice to be able to have a hot drink or dinner to warm you up and give you something to burn through the night.


NOTE: Anyone thinking of doing a Winter trip in to the backcountry needs to be fully clued up and experienced in Avalanche awareness, safety and rescue before heading out in to the wild. The mountains take no prisoners.

Multi-day ski tour packing list
Everything I packed in a 60L backpack for a 3 day Ski Tour

The Packing List


Do not leave home without the following

·       Skis

·       Ski boots

·       Skins

·       Poles

·       Pieps, Shovel, Probe

·       Advanced avalanche knowledge

·       60L – 70L Trekking Backpack

·       Thick sleeping bag (preferably a down mummy -4 or under)

·       First aid kit (incl. blister pads)

·       Maps & compass (use plastic wallet to keep maps dry)

·       phone

·       BPA free Water bottle (water bladders FREEZE!)

·       Sun cream

·       Lighter x2

·       Swiss army Knife/ all round knife

·       Tent (only if camping)

·       Sleeping matt (only if camping, this is the difference between being cold and not)

Optional but advisable

·       Headlight

·       Spare Batteries

·       Gas burner & attachable stove

·       Camping saucepan

·       1 Fork/chopsticks

·       small sponge (clean out food from pan to get clean water)

·       toilet roll

·       Duct Tape

·       Blow up Pillow

·       Spare bag tie

·       Lip Balm

·       Tupper wear box  (doubles up as container and bowl)

·       Pain killers/ anti-inflammatory

·       Fire lighters

·       Hand warmers (use for heat or to warm frozen ski boots in the morning)


This is a list should cover you for 4 days, This includes what you wear on day 1

·       Waterproof shell Jacket x1

·       Ski pants x1

·       Down Jacket x1

·       Helmet x1

·       Goggles x1 (use a lens that is versatile)

·       Thermal leggings x1

·       Long sleeve thermal x1

·       Quick dry t-shirt x2

·       Ski socks x4 (1 pair per day)

·       sports bra x1

·       lightweight bottoms x1 (to change out of wet clothes & for heat during night)

·       lightweight warm jumper/fleece x1

·       underwear x1/2 (depends on the kind of person you are)

·       Ski Gloves

·       Glove inners

·       Beanie

·       Sunglasses

·       Buff


Food of course will be different if you are deciding to do this trip on solely dry foods, however if you want hot food then here are the best foods for weight, nutrition and energy. Apply the right amount of food for how many days your trip is.

·       Breakfast - Oats (pre mix with sugar)

·       Lunch - Packet Noodles/ pre made Sandwich

·       Dinner – Pasta & powdered sauce (add cured meat/cooked beans for protein)

·       Snacks – Booster bars, Crackers, dried fruit, energy tablets

·       Coffee/tea powder

·       Energy powder sachets to add to water

·       Small bottle of rum/whiskey (empty in to plastic bottle to reduce weight)

·       In case of Emergency noodles x2


All these things are extra weight but some people choose to take them

·       Camera

·       SD cards

·       Shoes/ camping slippers

·       Deodorant

·       Toothbrush & toothpaste

·       Cooking spices

·       Camping bowl, cup and cutlery

·       Waterproof bag

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ski touring packing list