About Me.

Hey, I'm Kenzie. Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England I also grew up in Sheffield, Birmingham and a Spanish island called Mallorca.

Job: Ski Instructor/Guide 

A little bit of history.

Ever since I was a kid my dream has been to travel the world. I remember sitting in class during primary school at the ripe old age of age of 8 and my teacher Miss Kaur, asking the class to write down their dream on a piece of paper. Mine read ' My special dream is to travel the world not missing any country out and hope to find a place to live'. A few days later I was handed back my dream, laminated, and with a quote 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' printed on the front and a small gemstone stuck next to it. This piece of laminated paper is probably my most valued item and I carry it everywhere with me along with family photos.

The zing moment.

Even though I knew travel would always be a part of my life it all really kicked of when I figured something out id known for a long time.... I FUCKING HATED SCHOOL! 

Ok I learnt a lot in school, but the system was constantly trying to tell me if I didn't get the right grades, go to Uni for a degree and join the 9-5 commute then

1) my mum would disown me (not that she didn't already want to, after being the child from hell)

2) Id be rejected. Did I want to be Useless? Jobless? Homeless?

3) I needed to live in the real world

well ill tell you guys something .... my world is 100% real!  And although my spelling and grammar is appalling (sorry in advance), I have fun living this crazy  little thing called life. I mean you only get one right ? so why not break the rules, go against society, say F.U to the system.

Get me Outta here.

My adventures started at the age of 16 where I decided to work a summer season in, wait for it.... Magaluff. If you have ever been you will understand how full of class and how highly respected the place is. No, I joke its a SHITHOLE ! but never the less I must have loved it as I continued to do a following 3 more seasons there.

There's something about when you get the travel bug, it's so hard to place your self back in the same day-to-day life you live at home, so as winter was approaching I figured I needed something to get me away again. No matter what happened I was not going back to that place people pretend is a reality.

The final phase.

I applied for a chalet company as childcare as Id always had a passion for skiing and they placed me in St Anton Am Arlberg. What an awesome place that turned out to be ! Apart from the company being the lowest paid, longest hours, cocked up management iv ever worked for, this was all overlooked due to the amazing time I had. In fact it was that amazing I knew I wanted to come back.... but I wasn't going to be someone's slave bitch working for pennies. Through the season id met 3 fools who I basically owe everything to.  Jac, Adam and Sam. They worked as Ski Instructors and gave me the key to having the coolest job on the planet. Fast forward 3 years and I'm now leisurely travelling the world on a pair of wooden planks with the occasional mini summer holiday in between. 6 Continents visited, 38 countries down,  Man I got a long way to go.