Mt Togakushi, Japans Deadliest Hike

36.7413° N, 138.0845° E

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On The Road Again

41.7688° N, 140.7288° E

With the season slowly but surely coming to a close, I was buzzing to get my bags packed and hit the road in mine and Jac's new home (Again, Holla to our boss Dan for lending us the Voxy) After planning to leave Niseko at 8am, which actually meant 10, we were pretty happy when things finally got going by mid-day.

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Niseko Haute Route

42.9037° N, 140.4694° E

What is the Niseko Haute Route?

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Ladies Day Backcountry tour

42.8047° N, 143.6875° E

So, I´m no fortune teller, but when I had decided to run a Backcountry tour for ladies around Niseko, I wanted to try and get conditions as perfect as I could get them. A large storm was coming in and I knew the most prime conditions would be a sunny day, still with the fresh snow from the previous dump…errrrr, what are the chances of that? I checked a few of my favourite apps and weather websites and set on the date of 28th February in hope of sunshine and fresh powder. 

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Asahidake & Tokachidake Ski touring Trip

43.6747° N, 142.9072° E

Day 1 - Asahikawa


With Chinese New Year out of the way it meant work was quietening down and it was finally time for a holiday…. Skiing! Jac and I had semi-planned a trip over to Daisetsuzan National Park in search of the world’s best powder, so we rented a car and began our journey up North very early to ensure we made the most out of the 4 days we had. Of course this never went to plan. We actually left on time for once, however got lost going through Sapporo and then spent fucking hours and hours going through traffic lights on Route 12. This was a mistake down to common sense I guess. With my apple maps telling me I was on the right route, who was I to argue… but I could not, for the life of me understand why Japanese people were prepared to do a 140km journey on a road filled with traffic lights every 100 meters. It was now 1pm, my fists were clenched, my face was red and the verbal abuse coming out my mouth at incompetent drivers, didn’t even make sense anymore. We still had 90km to go and I was losing the will to live! It was only then we figured the green signs we were passing were signs to the toll road going directly to Asahikawa. FUCCKKKKK. As soon as the next one came up I immediately took the turning and we were finally on highway. 

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