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Valparaiso is a city that just cant be described by words

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Have you ever tried searching for someone without an address ? It's really difficult, even when the town is no bigger than a couple of hundred residents. We arrived in Pichilemu with no address for our next work away. Only the name of the guy, and a picture of the surf camp he ran. I knocked on the door of a real estate office and asked the lady in there if she knew of where a surf camp owned by a guy called Nico. She gave someone a call and then told us that he was in the next village across, easily accessible by collectivo. 
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After only managing to make it just past the town Concepcion with hitch hiking, it meant that we had to find a place to set up camp. The plan was to spend the night at 'Salta de Lajas' which is a beautiful waterfall, but as buses had stopped and the public kept on whizzing by, we chose a near by woods to spend the night instead. The next morning we woke up with the sky pissing it down. We quickly packed everything up (packing up a soaking wet tent in the pouring rain is not fun!) and headed to the bus stop.

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'How the fuck are we going to get out of this place' was all that could go through my mind as we stood on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride from Malacahuello to Pucon. As I mentioned in my last post, the bus service is almost non existent in this place and our luck with hitchhiking the last few days had been terrible as had our luck with the weather (and it was still raining). 
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